Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Proliferation... :(

Here is the second flush of my About Face x Hot Cocoa Seedlings. (First flower picture of 2010)

Despite the ugly proliferation, the plant is looking very healthy and growing very nicely.


  1. At least for me I do not think the proliferation is that bad looking on this one. I think it is because the petals fold over in the center hiding it somewhat. Plus it looks like some very old roses except for the dark green foliage and the color is way to bright. So did this cross produce a lot of plants showing proliferations or is this one of the few.

  2. Hi Wuchen,

    Thanks for your comment!

    This is the only seedling that I have kept from this cross, and I don't recall if the other ones followed this pattern or not. Although the buds that can be seen in the picture show signs of proliferation (I clipped them shortly after I took this photo), this plant has other buds that seem to be developing normally. Hopefully this plant will stabilize a bit as it gets older...