Sunday, July 25, 2010

So Far, So Good

I think this is my best seedling from 2008 so far.

This is the kind of rose I was looking for and I'm very excited to see how it matures.

The flower starts out with deep, pink outer petals cupping inner tan-colored ones (the inner petals actually have a color very much like milk tea). I really like the outer pink color shifting to apricot and gradually to brown in the center.

As time goes by, the pink fades to a nice greyish-pink. Since the seedling tends to put out multiple buds per stem, it ends up with a really nice combination of different colors as the flowers fade.

The fragrance is of grapefruit with a hint of semillon. It's very intense - one small flower will fill a room with its lovely perfume.

The plant seems very vigorous and produces lots of bud clusters. The new leaves and stems are purple-red and turn to deep green. The plant is very clean, free from any disease. This is a second-year plant and right now it's growing in a two-gallon pot.

I am very happy with this one so far, and I'm planning to put it in the ground this fall and see how it does.

In fact, I like it so much I used its picture for the banner of this blog. :)


  1. congrat' Peppa,
    that's really a great one. I have to guess who the parents are. First I thought about a descendant of 'Pat Austin' but the picture name suggests me 'jude the obscure' x 'Tom Brown' ?


  2. Hi Bernhard,

    Good guess! :) It is indeed "Jude the Obscure" x "Tom Brown."

    Can you see the characteristics of the parents in the offspring? :) It smells as strong as Jude, and already has twenty buds on it. I'll post more pics later as they open.