Friday, July 30, 2010

Yellow Rose From 2008 Cross

This is one of my 2008 crosses, and is the only yellow rose that I still keep in the "evaluation pool." The buds start out a medium-yellow color and gradually fade to pale yellow. Some people might not want the flower color to fade at all, but I think this color change is not bad. In fact, I really like the contrast.

This is one of my husband's favorite seedlings, but I'm not sold yet. So far, disease resistance is fine and the flowers last a very long time. However, it's not particularly fragrant. I want my roses to have a very strong, unique character and I don't see that yet in this one.

Despite this, I'm kind of attached to this rose. It reminds me of my college philosophy professor who really helped me out when I was a student and really made a big impact towards the person I became. He passed away late last summer, right as this rose began flowering. If I chose one of my roses for him, it would be much like this one - yellow in color, without a pretentious fragrance. He always was a very straightforward and no-nonsense kind of person. :)

So, I think I will hold onto this rose for now for at least sentimental reasons. Who knows, it may continue to grow on me.

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